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  • 2022+
    [1] Ming-Xin Song, Li-Jing Xie, Jia-Yao Cheng, Zong-Lin Yi, Ge Song, Xiao-Yang Jia, Jing-Peng Chen, Quan-Gui Guo, and Cheng-Meng Chen(*). Insights into the thermochemical evolution of maleic anhydride-initiated esterified starch to construct hard carbon microspheres for lithium-ion batteries. Journal of Energy Chemistry, 2022, 66: 448-458.
  • 2021+
    [1] Zhi-Hui Hou(#), Jing-Peng Chen(#), Li-Jing Xie, Xian-Xian Wei(*), Shao-Qing Guo(*), and Cheng-Meng Chen(*). Design of BiOBr Nanosheets Decorated SiC Whisker Hybrid Structure with Enhanced Photocatalytic Performance. Applied Surface Science, 2021, 543, 148779.


    [2] Hui Jia, Qing-Qiang Kong, Xiao Yang, Li-Jing Xie, Guo-Hua Sun, Lei-Lei Liang, Jing-Peng Chen, Dong Liu, Quan-Gui Guo(*), and Cheng-Meng Chen(*). Dual-functional graphene/carbon nanotubes thick film: bidirectional thermal dissipation and electromagnetic shielding. Carbon, 2021, 171: 329-340.


    [3] Lei-Lei Liang, Zhuo Liu, Li-Jing Xie, Jing-Peng Chen, Hui Jia, Qing-Qiang Kong, Guo-Hua Sun(*), and Cheng-Meng Chen(*). Bamboo-like N-doped Carbon Tubes Encapsulated CoNi Nanospheres towards Efficient and Anticorrosive Microwave Absorbents. Carbon, 2021, 171: 142-153.


    [4] Lei-Lei Liang, Ge Song, Jing-Peng Chen, Zhuo Liu, Hui Jia, Qing-Qiang Kong, Guo-Hua Sun(*), and Cheng-Meng Chen(*). Crystalline-amorphous Ni3P@Nix(POy)z core-shell heterostructures as corrosion-resistant and high-efficiency microwave absorbents. Applied Surface Science, 2021, 542: 148608.


    [5] Zhe-Fan Wang, Zong-Lin Yi, Aziz Ahmad, Li-Jing Xie, Jing-Peng Chen, Qing-Qiang Kong, Fang-Yuan Su(*), Da-Wei Wang(*), and Cheng-Meng Chen(*). Combined DFT and experiment: stabilizing the electrochemical interfaces via boron Lewis acids. Journal of Energy Chemistry, 2021, 59: 100-107. 


    [6] Saeed Ullah Jan(#), Aziz Ahmad(#), Adnan Ali Khan, Saad Melhi, Iftikhar Ahmad, Guohua Sun(*), Cheng-Meng Chen(*), and Rashid Ahmad(*). Removal of azo dye from aqueous solution by a low-cost activated carbon prepared from coal: adsorption kinetics, isotherms study, and DFT simulation. Environmental Science and Pollution Research, 2021, 28: 10234-10247.


    [7] Jing-Peng Chen, Yi-Feng Du, Zhe-Fan Wang, Lei-Lei Liang, Hui Jia, Zhuo Liu, Li-Jing Xie, Shou-Chun Zhang(*), and Cheng-Meng Chen(*). Anchoring of SiC whiskers on the hollow carbon microspheres inducing interfacial polarization to promote electromagnetic wave attenuation capability. Carbon, 2021, 175: 11-19.


    [8] Hui Jia(#), Xiao Yang(#), Qing-Qiang Kong, Li-Jing Xie, Quan-Gui Guo, Ge Song, Lei-Lei Liang, Jing-Peng Chen, Yan Li, and Cheng-Meng Chen(*). Free-standing, anti-corrosion, super flexible graphene oxide/silver nanowire thin films for ultrawideband electromagnetic interference shielding. Journal of Materials Chemistry A, 2021, 9: 1180.!divAbstract


    [9] Yan Li(#), Yi-Feng Du(#), Guo-Hua Sun, Jia-Yao Cheng, Ge Song, Ming-Xin Song, Fang-Yuan Su, Fan Yang(*), Li-Jing Xie(*), and Cheng-Meng Chen(*). Self-standing hard carbon anode derived from hyper-linked nanocellulose with high cycling stability for lithium-ion batteries. EcoMat, 2021, 1-14.


     [10] Yi-Feng Du, Guo-Hua Sun, Yan Li, Jia-Yao Cheng, Ge Song, Qing-Qiang Kong, Li-Jing Xie(*), and Cheng-Meng Chen(*). Pre-oxidation of lignin precursors for hard carbon anode with boosted lithium-ion storage capacity. Carbon, 2021, 178: 243-255.


     [11] Qing-Qiang Kong, Hui Jia, Li-Jing Xie, Ze-Chao Tao, Xiao Yang, Dong Liu, Guo-Hua Sun, Quan-Gui Guo, Chun-Xiang Lu(*), and Cheng-Meng Chen(*). Ultra-high temperature graphitization of three-dimensional large-sized graphene aerogel for the encapsulation of phase change materials. Composites Part A: Applied Science and Manufacturing, 2021, 145: 106391.


     [12] Jing-Peng Chen, Ge Song, Zhuo Liu, Li-Jing Xie, Shou-Chun Zhang(*), and Cheng-Meng Chen(*). Design of core-shell nickel oxide/silicon carbide whiskers towards excellent microwave absorption property. Chinese Journal of Chemical Engineering, 2021,


     [13] Dong Liu, Qing-Qiang Kong, Hui Jia, Li-Jing Xie, Jingpeng Chen, Zechao Tao, Zheng Wang, Dong Jiang(*), and Cheng-Meng Chen(*). Dual-functional 3D multi-wall carbon nanotubes/graphene/Silicone Rubber Elastomer: Thermal Management and Electromagnetic interference shielding. Carbon, 2021, 183: 216-2


      [14] Ge Song(#), Zong-Lin Yi(#), Fang-Yuan Su(*), Li-Jing Xie, and Cheng-Meng Chen(*). New Insights into the Mechanism of LiDFBOP for Improving the Low-Temperature Performance via the Rational Design of an Interphase on a Graphite Anode. ACS Applied Materials &Interfaces,2021, 13: 40042-40052.


     [15] Li-Jing Xie, Cheng Tang, Zhi-Hong Bi, Ming-Xin Song, Ya-Feng Fan, Chong Yan, Xiao-Ming Li, Fangu-Yuan Su, Qiang Zhang, and Cheng-Meng Chen. Hard Carbon Anodes for Next-Generation Li-Ion Batteries: Review and Perspective, Advanced Energy Materials, 2021, 2101650.


    [16] Ya-Feng Fan, Zong-Lin Yi, Ge Song, Zhe-Fan Wang, Chao-Jie Chen, Li-Jing Xie, Guo-Hua Sun, Fang-Yuan Su(*), and Cheng-Meng Chen(*). Self-standing graphitized hybrid Nanocarbon electrodes towards high-frequency supercapacitors. Carbon, 2021, 185: 630-640.

  • 2020+
    [1] Hui Jia, Qing-Qiang Kong, Zhuo Liu, Xian-Xian Wei, Xiao-Ming Li, Jing-Peng Chen, Feng Li, Xiao Yang, Guo-Hua Sun(*),  Cheng-Meng Chen(*). 3D graphene/carbon nanotubes/polydimethylsiloxane composites as high-performance electromagnetic shielding material in X-band. Composites Part A: Applied Science and Manufacturing, 2020, 129: 105712.


    [2] Zong-Lin Yi(#), Sang-Yuan Su(#), Li Huo, Guang-Yu Cui, Cai-Li Zhang, Pei-De Han, Nan Dong(*),  Cheng-Meng Chen(*). New insights into Li2S2/Li2S adsorption on the graphene bearing singlevacancy: A DFT study, Applied Surface Sciences, 2020, 503: 144446.


    [3] Xiao Yang, Xiao-Ming Li, Qing-Qiang Kong, Zhuo Liu, Jing-Peng Chen, Hui Jia, Yan-Zhen Liu, Li-Jing Xie,  Cheng-Meng Chen(*). One-pot ball-milling preparation of graphene/carbon black aqueous inks for highly conductive and flexible printed electronics. Science China Materials, 2020, 63(3): 392-402.


    [4] Ge Song, Zong-Lin Yi, Li-Jing Xie, Zhi-Hong Bi, Qian Li, Jing-Peng Chen, Qing-Qiang Kong,  Cheng-Meng Chen(*). In-situ conversion of Ni2P/rGO from heterogeneous self-assembled NiO/rGO precursor with boosted pseudocapacitive performance. Chinese Chemical Letters, 2020, 31(6): 1392-1397



    [5] Jia-Yao Cheng, Zong-Lin Yi, Zhen-Bing Wang, Feng Li , Na-Na Gong, Aziz Ahmad, Xiao-Qian Guo, Ge Song, Si-Ting Yuan, Cheng-Meng Chen(*).Towards optimized Li-ion storage performance: Insight on the oxygen species evolution of hard carbon by H2 reduction. Electrochimica Acta, 2020, 337: 135736.


    [6] Jing-Peng Chen(#), Hui Jia(#), Zhuo Liu, Qing-Qiang Kong, Zhi-Hui Hou, Li-Jing Xie, Guo-Hua Sun, Shou-Chun Zhang, Cheng-Meng Chen(*). Construction of C-Si heterojunction interface in SiC whisker/reduced graphene oxide aerogels for improving microwave absorption. Carbon, 2020, 16: 59-68.

    [7] Rashid Iqbala(#), Aziz Ahmadb(#), Li-Juan Mao, Zahid Ali Ghazia, Abolhassan Imani, Chun-XiangLu, Li-JingXie, Saad Melhi, Fang-Yuan Su, Cheng-Meng Chen(*), Lin-Jie Zhia(*), and Zhi-XiangWei(*). A high energy density self-supported and bendable organic electrode for redox supercapacitors with a wide voltage window.Chinese Journal of Polymer Science, 2020, 38: 522-530.

    [8] Jing-Peng Chen, Ge Song, Zhuo Liu, Qing-Qiang Kong, Shun-Chun Zhang, Cheng-Meng Chen(*). Preparation of SiC whiskers using graphene and rice husk ash and its photocatalytic property. Journal of Alloys and Compounds, 2020, 833: 155072.

    [9] Si-Ting Yuan, Xian-Hong Huang, Hao Wang, Li-Jing Xie, Jia-Yao Cheng, Qing-Qiang Kong, Guo-Hua Sun(*), Cheng-Meng Chen(*). Structure evolution of oxygen removal from porous carbon for optimizing supercapacitor performance. Journal of Energy Chemistry, 2020, 51: 396–404.

    [10] Li-Jing Xie, Fang-Yuan Su, Long-Fei Xie, Xiao-Qian Guo, Zhen-Bing Wang, Qing-Qiang Kong, Guo-Hua Sun, Aziz Ahmad, Xiao-Ming Li, Zong-Lin Yi, and Cheng-Meng Chen(*). Effect of pore structure and doping species on charge storage mechanisms in porous carbon-based supercapacitors. Materials Chemistry Frontiers, 2020, 4: 2610-2634.
    [11] Lei-Lei Liang, Ge Song, Zhuo Liu, Jing-Peng Chen, Li-Jing Xie, Hui Jia, Qing-Qiang Kong, Guo-Hua Sun(*), and Cheng-Meng Chen(*). Constructing Ni12P5/Ni2P Heterostructures to Boost Interfacial Polarization for Enhanced Microwave Absorption Performance. ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces, 2020, 12: 52208-52220.
    [12] Fang-Yuan Su(#), Zong-Lin Yi(#), Li-Jing Xie, Li-Qin Dai, Nan Dong, Chen Zhang, Guo-Wei Ling(*), Pei-De Han(*), and Cheng-Meng Chen(*).Critical Role of Surface Defects in the Controllable Deposition of Li2S on Graphene: From Molecule to Crystallite. ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces, 2020, 12: 53435-53445.
    [12] 李茂群陈成猛(*), 孙国华(*), 谢莉婧环氧氯丙烷对淀粉热解行为的影响及其交联机理新型炭材料, 2020, 35(04): 452-458.
  • 2019+

    [1] Li Huo, Fang-Yuan Su, Zong-Lin Yi, Guang-Yu Cui, Cai-Li Zhang, Nan Dong, Cheng-Meng Chen(*), and Pei-De Han(*). First-principles studies of li nucleation on double-ed defective graphene. ChemElectroChem, 2019, 6: 810-817.


    [2] Zhi-Hong Bi, Li Huo, Qing-Qiang Kong, Feng Li, Jing-Peng Chen, Aziz Ahmad, Xian-Xian Wei, Li-Jing Xie(*), and Cheng-Meng Chen(*). Structural evolution of phosphorus species on graphene with a stabilized electrochemical interface. ACS Appl. Mater. Interfaces, 2019,11(12):11421-11430



    [3] Li Huo, Fang-Yuan Su, Zong-Lin Yi, Guang-Yu Cui, Cai-Li Zhang, Nan Dong(*), Cheng-Meng Chen(*), and Pei-De Han. The Inhibition Mechanism of Lithium Dendrite on Nitrogen-Doped Defective Graphite: The First Principles Studies. Journal of the Electrochemical Society, 2019,166 (8): A1603-A1610.


    [4] Zhi-Hong Bi, Qing-Qiang Kong, Yu-fang Cao, Guo-Hua Sun, FangYuan Su, Xian-Xian Wei, Xiao-Ming Li, Aziz Ahmad,  Li-Jing Xie(*) and Cheng-Meng Chen (*). Biomass-derived porous carbon materials with different dimensions for supercapacitor electrodes: a review. Journal of Materials Chemistry A, 2019, 7: 16028–16045.


    [5] Kang-Ming Zhang, Li-Qin Dai, Li-Jing Xie, Qing-Qiang Kong, Fang-Yuan Su, Zhuo Liu, Jing Shi, Yan-Zhen Liu, Zhi-Wen Chen(*), and Cheng-Meng Chen(*). Graphene/Carbon Black Co-modified Separator as Polysulfides Trapper for Li-S Batteries. Chemistry Select, 2019, 4(20): 6026-6034.


    [6] Feng Li, Li-Jing Xi, Guo-Hua Sun(*), Qing-Qiang Kong, Fang-Yuan Su, Yu-Fang Cao, Jia-Cheng Wei, Aziz Ahmad, Xiang-Yun Guo, Cheng-Meng Chen(*). Resorcinol-formaldehyde d carbon aerogel: Preparation, structure and applications in energy storage devices. Microporous and Mesoporous Materials 2019, 279, 293-315.


    [7] Feng Li, Aziz Ahmad, Li-Jing Xie, Guo-Hua Sun(*), Qing-Qiang Kong , Fang-Yuan Su ,Yuan-Yuan Ma, Yu-Guang Chao, Xiang-Yun Guo, Xian-Xian Wei, Cheng-Meng Chen(*). Phosphorus-modified porous carbon aerogel microspheres as high volumetric energy density electrode for supercapacitor. Electrochim. Acta 2019, 318, 151-160.


    [8] Wen-Ya Zhang, Qing-Qiang Kong, Ze-Chao Tao, Jia-Cheng Wei, Li-Jing Xie, Xiao-Yu Cui(*), and Cheng-Meng Chen(*). 3D Thermally Cross-ed Graphene Aerogel–Enhanced Silicone Rubber Elastomer as Thermal Interface Material. Advanced Materials Interfaces, 2019, 6, 1900147.


    [9] Mao-Qun Li(#), Zhi-Hong Bi(#), Li-Jing Xie, Guo-Hua Sun(*), Zhuo Liu, Qing-Qiang Kong, Xian-Xian Wei, and Cheng-Meng Chen(*). From Starch to Carbon Materials: Insight into the Cross-ing Reaction and Its Influence on the Carbonization Process. ACS Sustainable Chemistry & Engineering, 2019, 7, 14796-14804.


    [10] Aziz Ahmad, Abolhassan Imani, Lijuan Mao, Rashid Iqbal, Hui Zhang, Zahid Ali Ghazi, Rashid Ahmad, Adnan Ali Khan, Li-Jing Xie, Cheng-Meng Chen(*), Zhong Zhang(*), and Zhixiang Wei(*). A Bifunctional and Free-Standing Organic Composite Film with High Flexibility and Good Tensile Strength for Tribological and Electrochemical Applications. Advanced Materials Technologies, 2019, 1900617.


    [11] Xian-Xian Wei, Bao-yin Cui, Xiao-xiao Wang, Yan-Zhi Cao, Li-Bing Gao, Shao-qing Guo (*), Cheng-Meng Chen(*). Tuning the physico-chemical properties of BiOBr via solvent adjustment: towards an efficient photocatalyst for water treatment. CrystEngComm, 2019, 21, 1750-1757.



    [12] Zong-Lin Yi(#), Fang-Yuan Su(#), Guang-Yu Cui, Pei-De Han, Nan Dong(*), and Cheng-Meng Chen(*). Computational Insights into the Interaction betweenLi2S/Li2S2and Heteroatom-Doped Graphene Materials, ChemistrySelect, 2019, 4, 12612-12621.


    [13] Jing-Peng Chen, Qing-Qiang Kong, Zhuo Liu, Zhi-Hong Bi, Hui Jia, Ge Song, Li-Jing Xie, Shun-Chun Zhang, and Cheng-Meng Chen(*). High yield silicon carbide whiskers from rice husk ash and graphene: growth method and thermodynamics. ACS Sustainable Chem Eng. 2019, 7(23), 19027-19033.



    [14] Li-Jie Zhang, Xian-Feng Yang, Rong-Sheng Cai, Cheng-Meng Chen, Yan-Zhi Xia, Hua-Wei Zhang, Dong-Jiang Yang, Xiang-Dong Yao. Air cathode of zinc-air batteries: a highly efficient and durable aerogel catalyst for oxygen reduction. Nanoscale, 2019, 11, 826-832.


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  • 2018+
     [1] Feng Li, Li-Jing Xie, Guo-Hua Sun(*), Fang-Yuan Su, Qing-Qiang Kong, Yu-Fang Cao, Xiang-Yun Guo, and Cheng-Meng Chen(*). Structural evolution of carbon aerogel microspheres by thermal treatment for high-power supercapacitors. Journal of Energy Chemistry, 2018, 27: 439-446.


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    [5] Hui-Fang Zhang, Deng-Ji Xiao, Qian Li, Yuan-Yuan Ma, Shu-Xia Yuan, Li-Jing Xie(*), Cheng-Meng Chen(*), and Chun-Xiang Lu(*). Porous NiCo2O4nanowires supported on carbon cloth for flexible asymmetric supercapacitor with high energy density. Journal of Energy Chemistry, 2018, 27: 195-202.


    [6] Yan-Zhen Liu, Yong-Feng Li(*), Shu-Xia Yuan, Shuai Chen, Cong-Wei Wang, Xiao-Ming Li, Fang-Yuan Su, and Cheng-Meng Chen(*). Synthesis of 3D N, S dual-doped porous carbons with ultrahigh surface areas for highly efficient oxygen reduction reactions. ChemElectroChem, 2018, 5: 3506-3513.


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  • 2017+
     [1] Feng Li, Li-Jing Xie, Guo-Hua Sun(*), Qing-Qiang Kong, Fang-Yuan Su, Hong Lei, Xiang-Yun Guo, Bing-Sen Zhang, and Cheng-Meng Chen(*). Regulating pore structure of carbon aerogels by graphene oxide as ‘shape-directing’ agent. Microporous and Mesoporous Materials, 2017, 240: 145-148.


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