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  • 2018+
     [1] A method for preparing cobalt oxide/graphene nanocomposites, PATENT NUMBER: ZL201510232487.


    [2] A method and device for preparing graphene aqueous dispersion solution by graded dispersion, PATENT NUMBER: ZL201610330047.3.


    [3] A graphene/capacitor carbon composite and its preparation method, PATENT NUMBER: ZL201610563068.X.


    [4] A preparation method of coal-d graphene, PATENT NUMBER: ZL201610149988.7.


    [5] A compound pressure screening machine for super capacitor slurry, PATENT NUMBER: ZL201721764690.3.

  • 2017+
     [1] Method for preparing reduced graphene oxide/phenolic resin-d activated carbon in-situ composites, PATENT NUMBER: ZL201510062450.8.


    [2] A rapid method for preparing high-performance graphene, PATENT NUMBER: ZL201510062040.3.


    [3] A preparation method of activated carbon d on willow catkins, PATENT NUMBER: 201510062117.7.


    [4] A light solid display device, PATENT NUMBER: 201621124402.3.


    [5] A graphene-d low resistance conductive ink and its preparation method, PATENT NUMBER: ZL201510372497.4.


    [6] A method for preparing graphene-d nickel oxide nanocomposites, PATENT NUMBER: ZL201510458308.5.

  • 2016+
     [1] A graphene rapid expansion furnace, PATENT NUMBER: ZL201520557220.4.


    [2] A method for efficient separation and purification of graphite oxide, PATENT NUMBER: ZL201410164165.2.


    [3] A method for preparing nano-SiC whiskers, PATENT NUMBER: ZL201410110623.4.


    [4] A graphene high-efficiency expanding carbonization furnace, PATENT NUMBER: ZL201620201335.4.


    [5] A drying device for graphene or graphite oxide, PATENT NUMBER: ZL201620201332.0.

  • 2015+
     [1] A method for rapid and continuous separation and purification of graphite oxide, PATENT NUMBER: ZL201310093787.6.


    [2] A method for preparing carbon fiber and graphene composite paper, PATENT NUMBER: ZL201310478553.3.

  • 2011+
     [1] Preparation of ordered graphene oxide films, PATENT NUMBER: ZL200910073774.6.


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